Thursday, March 22, 2012

Group Photo!

Landmarks along the stretch of river

Observation and Inference

There were some mobile stalls along the riverside that sold drinks. It could hint to pass stalls that sold cooked food and refreshments along the river and the mobile stalls could be remnants of the businesses along the river. There were boats that carried people across the river. It could also tell us that there were ferry services on the river and the ferries are likely modern boats that are licensed to cruise on the river. Most likely, there were also traders on the river, as hinted by the pictures displayed around the area that showed the sampans on the river, with goods such as fabric and spices.

Documentation of a panoramic view of Singapore River on the bridges

Standing on the Coleman Bridge would give you a view of the landmarks that line the riverside. The Cavenagh Bridge would give the view a panoramic view of the various restaurants and the Asian Civilisation Museum and the ferries that service the tourists on the river. Standing on the Cavenagh Bridge can also allow you to see one of the most famous landmarks along the Singapore River, the Raffles statue. The Elgin Bridge can show both Boat Quay and the Singapore skyline.

Changes to the shape course of Singapore River in future

No. The Singapore River is a major tourist attraction and a historic landmark of Singapore. Even if more land is required for development, I think the Singapore government would not sacrifice their history for extra land. This is demonstrated by the fact that the Singapore river has never disappeared, even after the surrounding landscape and skyline changed.

Artefact 3 - Opium equipments

Artefact 2 - Hong Men Membership Token